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90-79 Loss to the Ducks. At Home.


10-3 (1-1)

Four Factors:

The Huskies got out shot, out rebounded, and turned the ball over more than Oregon did. Game, set and match.


Either the Huskies played their worst defense of the year, or the Ducks just shot the lights out. Chicken or egg? Probably a little of both, because yes, the Ducks were hot, but there's no excuse for EVER allowing a team to post a 124.8 Offensive Rating.

Player of the Game:

Venoy Overton had a pretty good effort. 14 points on 7 shots, and tried his best to bring the Huskies back into the game, but it just wasn't enough.

It Was Over When:

The Huskies were never really in the game at any point after halftime.

Stat of the Game:

The Ducks' 124.8 ORating sounds good.

Other Observations:

Say what you will about Abdul Gaddy, but last night he had as many assists as the rest of the team combined. If he could hit a three he'd be the second best guard on the team.

Scott Suggs hit two early threes, then pretty much stopped shooting. He needs to be getting more than 11 minutes, and more than 4 shots. There's no reason that Justin Holiday and Clarence Trent are combining for 26 minutes, while Suggs and Elston Turner are combining for 15.

Conference play is a marathon, not a sprint. You always want to win at home, but there are a lot of reactionary things being said about this team after one loss. Relax. Oregon can do this to teams, they have a ton of shooters and may be the most talented team in the conference.