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SU loses ugly to Dawgs

Cameron Dollar's life long ambition has been to be a head basketball coach at a division one school. Last nights 47 point loss to Washington shows that even though he has attained that status he has a long way to go when it comes to coaching to the actual strength's of his team.

Dollar inherited a 20 win team from Joe Callero and added a key component in Charles Garcia but he has turned the once conservative Redhawks into an up tempo squad that doesn't have the horses to play the game that way. Rather than wait a year or two to recruit the players he needs to do that Dollar is forsaking wins and a post season berth to do it his way.

Seattle U who routed Oregon State by 51 points on the road earlier this season fell behind 18-0 early in the game and this one turned into garbage time early for the Dawgs. Dollar then deployed a strategy to foul the rest of the night which resulted in his team finishing the game with only four men left on the court.

Washington obviously was the better team going into this one. The Huskies are loaded even if they have under performed so far this season. That being said this should have been a much better and closer basketball game. This one was simply ugly and most of the blame can be pinned on Cameron Dollar who has a lot to learn.