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Six Pac 10 players opt for early entry

The NFL has announced the names of the 53 players who were granted early entry into this spring's draft, and there were no last-minute surprises in the Pac-10.

Six Pac 10 players are on the list:

Rob Gronkowski -TE Arizona

The loss of Gronkowski is a big hit for Arizona who were deprived of his services last season due to a back injury. Rob is a game changing TE down around the goal line. If healthy he should be the first TE taken.

Damian Williams, WR USC

Joe McKnight, RB USC

Everson Griffen, DE USC

The Trojans get hit hard by early entry but that seems to be a yearly thing. McKnight has all the talent in the world but injuries and attitude held him back. I wouldn't waste a high draft pick on McKnight. Williams was the Trojans best receiver but didn't have Mark Sanchez throwing to him last season. Everson Griffen when healthy could be a force on the defensive line.

Jahvid Best, RB California

Best was headed for a Heisman until being shut down by Oregon and USC on succesive weekends. Now he is headed for a big paycheck.

Brian Price, DT UCLA

Price was by far the best defensive lineman in the league last season. His loss is going to be felt along with the other one's due to graduation hitting the UCLA defense. He has first round written all over him.