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Afternoon notes

Will Muschamp, Jon Gruden, and Troy Calhoun have turned down Tennessee. The job will likely fall to Duke's David Cutliffe who is a former Vol assistant coach.

Skip Holtz is headed to Southern Florida to take over for Jim Leavitt who was fired after supposedly hitting a player.

Norm Chow is staying with UCLA after being courted by USC. Word on the street is that Lane Kiffin really didn't want him to come but used the possibility as a ploy to get the USC job. The key to this one is play calling. Norm won't go any place where he can't call the plays. Kiffin made it very clear once he go the job that he intended to do the play calling. That was the end of the discussion.

Can't help but keep mentioning it but Lane Kiffin makes Rick Neuheisel look like Mother Theresa. A UW insider told me last night that Kiffin is very similar to Neu from a maturity standpoint when Rick took over at Colorado. He said the difference is Rick is a lot smarter and that he actually cares about people. He went on to say we all know Rick made errors in judgement and didn't walk a fine line with the truth but if you were a stranger laying in a ditch he would be the first one to pull over and help you. Kiffin on the other hand doesn't care about anyone other than himself.

Texas Tech DC Ruffin McNeil who coached Tech to a victory in its bowl game was fired today. Just another solid reminder that this is a business. McNeil shouldn't have much of a problem getting another job.

UW QB recruit Nick Montana confirmed on the Softy show today that he will enroll in time for spring practice. Nick and his parents will be on campus this weekend when he takes his official visit. Have to think the presence of his dad just might make a positive impression on the other recruits visiting.

Randy Hart has joined the coaching staff at Stanford. Jim Harbaugh seems to be taking his time refilling his coaching staff which makes some people think he may be in line for the Oakland Raider job when it opens.