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Odds and Ends from Poop Island

With a headline like that you always know that it will be an interesting read.

First of all the Cougars have bailed out of a return game in Hawaii for next season. They had to pay $300,000 to do it. So what are they going to do to replace Hawaii? My bet is they schedule a home game against Idaho or a Big Sky team.

If I was a WSU fan I would be hacked off by the decision. We made the trip to Hawai with Washington two years ago and had a great time despite the last minute loss. We consoled ourselves that it would mean the termination of Tyrone Willingham which would have made our vacation complete. It didn't happen but we still got a nice tan!

This in from Vince Grippi of the Spokesman Review.

WSU's Kevin Norrell and Joshua Garret were arrested for a multitude of things over the weekend. Norrell was tagged with a DUI, Reckless Driving, Criminal Trespass, and last and not least Not Possessing a Valid Drivers License or ID. Garrett who was apparently with him picked up the infamous "Pullman Special" Minor Exhibiting the Effect of Drinking Alcohol charge.

Norrell was suspended from the team and word on Garrett will come later.

You have to wonder if Paul Wulff and his staff are ever going to get control of this football team. The arrests are coming one after another with no end in sight. If I was Wullf I would have the boosters buy a party bus and just drive the team around from bar to bar on the weekend. Just make sure the Lobster isn't driving.

Speaking of the Lobster he is going to be getting more pine time. Kevin Lopina who apparently was on his best behavior after the game will not be splitting time with the Lobster next week. If you watched the WSU game any momentum they had came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the Lobster. It wasn't exactly his fault and you have to question why the WSU staff abandoned a run game that was working in favor of switching to a passing game with your second string QB.

Truth is better than fiction. You simply can't make up stuff like this.

The administration at WSU has to realize by now that Wulff wasn't the right choice and he wasn't close to being ready to being a Pac 10 head coach. The mess at Eastern shows he wasn't exactly a details type of guy. Even though he is the lowest paid coach in the Pac 10 they really can't afford to buy him out either. If they could buy him out who would they hire when an untried top assistant like Sark runs in the $2 million neigborhood?

Ladies and gentleman I would like to reintroduce you to the former king of "Poop Island" Mike Price. Mike has a pretty good gig going in El Paso. Everyone likes him and the expectations are low. Despite that Price could be tempted to return to the area he plans to retire in for one last go-round. If Price turned around WSU one more time it would help erase that nasty "Roll Tide Roll...It's Rolling Baby" stigma he unfairly picked up at Alabama.

Price didn't leave on really good terms by the way even though his last game was in Pasadena. There are still some hurt feelings on both sides. Price didn't feel appreciated and WSU admin types said don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.

Price may not be the answer because he isn't exactly a spring chicken...WSU on the other hand may not have a better option. One thing is for sure...Paul Wulff is running out of time and Price is affordable.

(Note to Coug fans...we have lived in this kind of hell isn't fun. Since we are just about to end a 15 game losing streak it isn't like we suddenly have everything handled.)