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Changes in the defensive depth chart

Justin Glenn who has played mostly CB since he arrived at Washington is listed as a backup at Safety this week. Glenn can play either position and is actually a little bigger than Greg Walker. Vistor Aiyewa is listed as a co starter along with Greg Walker and Nate Williams. Looks like Washington is experimenting with trying to improve coverage.

David Batts who didn't see the field last week is listed as a back up at CB. Desmond Trufant who only played two plays is listed as a co starter with Vonzell McDowell. Washington would love to have a larger and faster CB line up across from Quinton Richardson who had a good game on Saturday.

Everything looks the same over on offense.

Craig Noble and Nick Wood have moved over to the offensive side of the ball to help fill out the depth. Sark feels the players have a better shot over here and doesn't think their bodies are well suited for the type of defense Washington wants to run in the future.