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UW vs LSU game thread

Washington hosts LSU in a nationally televised opener being broadcast on ESPN set to kick off at 7:35 PM PDT. I am opening up the game thread early in the day so we all have place to post comments on what is going on in college football prior to our opener.

I was watching gameday on ESPN this morning at Lee Corso picks UW to beat LSU and has put the game on his upset watch. Keep in mind Lee had a stroke this summer and has always been a little dingy. However we will take the love from wherever we can find it. Keep in mind that with Steve Sarkisian at the helm most experts feel UW will be completely back withing a couple of years. the respect that was missing for the past six years is already back.

The great thing about our game threads is they operate the same way a chat room does. You don't have to refresh your screens to see new comments. Comments automatically appear on the thread as soon as you post them!

Hvae fun and try to keep it relatively clean. I will be checking in throughout the day with updates until gametime this evening.

Go Huskies!

Games of interest

Navy is giving Ohio State everything they can handle. They closed to 29-27 and went for two but the pass was intercepted when the midshipmen went for two and OSU ran it back to the house to take a 31-27 lead with 2:23 left in the game.

Syracuse is leading Minnesota in the fourth quarter 20-17. That one is kind of a surprise since the Orange are traditionally terrible. Minnesota pulled out the victory in overtime 23-20.

No surprises in Corvallis with Beavers off to a 34-0 lead early in the third quarter. One thing to watch in this yawner is the Beaver defensive backfield which is giving up way too many yards. The Beav's have given up over 250 yards via the air so far.

Iowa barely got by Northern Iowa 17-16.

Notre Dame is up 28-0 over Nevada at the half.

USC doesn't look very sharp in the first quarter against San Jose State. SJSU has a first down on the USC 35 with around seven minutes left in first quarter. SJSU is up 3-0. USC finally takes advantage of some good field position and puts together a power drive on the ground to take the lead 7-3 with 10:47 left in the half. 14-3 now and it looks like USC is going to slowly pull away from the plucky Spartans. 21-3 with 2:28 left in the half. Wow...28-3...quite a second quarter for the Trojans. 49-3 with a couple of minutes left. Looks like the Trojans may have reloaded again. SJSU isn't a terrible team by the way. 56-3 is the final score. The USC defense looks incredible to me.

Missouri is rolling 30-3 in the third quarter against Ilinois. It hasn't been a great day for the Big Ten.

Washington State and Stanford are about ready to kick it off. We get to find out how bad the Coug's are and how good the Cardinals are. 15-3 Stanford in the second quarter. I am not impressed with Stanford's defense. The Coug's are still in this one if they can answer. 21-3 Stanford with 5:40 left in the half. The Coug's roll down the field to start the second half with a TD to bring it to 21-10. They five up a KO return for TD immediately and it is now 29-10. wow...just wow!

San Diego State has an early 7-0 lead over UCLA. The early return on UCLA is they look terrible. It is only the first quarter and it isn't exactly like USC lit up SJSU in the first quarter trailing 3-0 before scoring 49 consecutive points. 14-10 San Diego State so it looks like it is going to be a competitive game going forward. UCLA isn't very good.UCLA just scored to take the lead on a long run 16-14. The Bruins missed the extra point. 23-14 UCLA at the half. 26-14 UCLA late in the third quarter.

Oklahoma is having problems with BYU. QB Sam Bradford has gone down with an injury. Oklahoma leads 10-7 at the half. 13-10 Oklahoma but they are struggling against BYU. Cougars are knocking on the door to take the lead with five minutes left on the Oklahoma five yard line. BYU leads 14 -13 with 3:03 left. Oklahoma has its back to the wall! 1:38 left and Oklahoma is driving. Oklahoma has to go for a 54 yard field goal on fourth down. They miss and BYU takes over. This is a big upset as BYU takes the knee!

Virginia Tech is giving Alabama a good game. It is 9-7 in the first quarter. VT up 17-16 at the half.

Virginia lost to William and Mary 26-14....Wow! Not sure who hit harder...William or Mary.

MAryland and California have kicked off and Cal is up 7-0 in the first series. Jahvid Best is for real.

LSU at Washington

Washington has outplayed LSU on both sides of the ball despite being behind 17-13 at the half. Take away a couple of mistake and Washington is up by 10 on the scoreboard. I like our chances in the second half of this one. LSU hasn't really stopped us and our defense has played better than theirs. We laso have an edge so far with two FG's in the special teams sector. I have watched every Pac 10 game this weekend and we look like a first division team a this point. the gameplanning has been superb.I tonly gets better with every game and we just might pull this one out.