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The Punch

Oregon had plenty of chances last night against Boise State last night but a sputtering offense and the lack of a running game allowed the Bronco's to come away with the victory.

While the Ducks lost on the field after the game they may have lost quite a bit more when Legarrette Blount sucker punched at Boise State player in the jaw on national TV. AD Mike Bellotti said he would discuss punishment with the Oregon President  9 (Isn't that Phil Knight?) when they got back to Eugene. Look for Blount to be at least suspended for a game or two and even possibly be kicked off the team for his actions on Thursday night.

I have been saying for some time that there were cracks in the foundation of the Duck program and last nights game is another card in the deck of proof. Oregon isn't going to be as good as everyone thought they were going to be this season. (I had them ranked fourth in the conference).

Chip Kelly looked like a deer in the headlights for most of the evening in his debut. The rumblings we have heard coming from down South is that his accension to the top position has been anything but smooth.We keep hearing the players haven't bought in and that HS coaches have been turned off by Kelly's personality which doesn't help in the recruiting wars.

If you are a Husky fan you had to like what you saw on the TV screen last night from beginning to end. If you are a football fan you had to come away with a feeling of disgust for the way Oregon team handled itself after the game.

I have to add this quote from one of the Boise State players that criticizes Blount and the Oregon coaching staff.

“He took a cheap shot. It was a low blow,” Boise State sophomore defensive tackle Billy Winn told The New York Times. “Something like that shows you what they’re being coached. If they were coached better than that, he wouldn’t have thrown that punch.”