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College Game Day

It seems like it will be an eternity till Washington kicks off tonight since the game starts at approximately 6:15 PM. So in the meantime what we are going to do is follow some of the games and stories going on today. We will open the actual game thread at around 5:00 PM.

I was watching Game day on ESPN and Kirk Herbstreit said that Washington didn't deserve to be in the top 25 even though they beat USC who beat his beloved Ohio State. They also interviewed an odd ball sportswriter from Cleveland by the name of Doug Lesmerises. Doug has gotten some heat for his system of voting in the AP Poll. some find his theories refreshing others think he is an idiot.

I think he can be refreshing and an idiot at the same time. Last week he forgot to include Washington on his ballot after they knocked off #3 USC. He apologized and said it was an oversight. He said that Washington should have been ranked 15th on his ballot. For the record he dropped USC all the way to #25.

Early Bird Schedule

Fresno State is giving Cincinnati a game trailing 28-20 in the fourth quarter....LSU is hanging on against Miss State 30-24 in the 4th quarter....Indiana is on top of Michigan 33-29 with around five minutes left....Kansas is holding on against S. Miss 35 -28 in the fourth...BC is leading Wake by 7 at the half...Oregon and California will be kicing off in a few minutes.

The game I am focusing on right now is Michigan/Indiana. The Hoosiers just absolutely got jobbed on a terrible call that could caused them to lose the game 36-33 in the last seconds. Just a terrible way to end a game. The officials should be shot and it could not be reversed. Just criminal!

On a side note Indiana was just stupid to be passing the ball with 2:00 minutes left in the game with a three point lead. Terrible call but play it smarter!

Mid Day Schedule

I think most of us will be watching Cal and Oregon which is about to kickoff. Another game I will keep an eye on that is on ESPN Gameplan is Idaho and Northern Illinois. How good are the Vandals? We find out as they face the other Huskies who just took apart Purdue on the road last weekend.

The second game on the road in a row is proving to be a potential trap game for California. The Ducks are up 18-3 with 8:13 left in the first half. Cal came out flat in this one and it is hurting them. They need to put some points on the board before the half to stay in this one.

Talking about trap game florida State lost to Souther Florida today 17-7. Idaho is up 14-10 on the road against Northern Illinois with 1:27 left in the first half. Just as I suspected the Vandals are a lot better than most people think.

Cal is in huge trouble in Eugene. Oregon leads 25-3 at the half.

BC beats Wake Forest 27-24 in overtime....BC isn't good...just a wordto the wise in relation the the Stanford game.

Oregon 32-3 with 8:58 left in the third quarter so you can call this game over. All you Chip Kelly haters....including me...have to bite our tounges because the Ducks have seeminly repaired themselves...What it really boils down is you better be ready every week because parity has reared its ugly head once again in the Pac 10.

Idaho is up 28-16 on the road against Northern Illinois...Talk about absolutely huge for the Vandals...they could give Boise State all they can handle later in the year...I need to send Luther Carr Jr. an email of congratulations after the game. Luther is a great guy and the entire Idaho staff has done a great job rebuilding this team. You can safely say Idaho is for real. Nathan Enderle is a pretty good looking QB. 29-16 Idaho with 10:41 left in the game.

39-3 Oregon in the third quarter over #6 over California with 2:06 left in the third quarter....Quack!

31-16 Idaho with 12:58 left in the fourth quarter....Sure this is one of the few times we will talk about Idaho on College Game Day but since they gave UW more trouble than expected this is a barmeter type of game. The better Idaho does the better it is for UW....I think Idaho may be in the top 2-3 in the WAC...who woulda thunk it?

By the way it is Idaho 34-16 with 11:30 left.

34-23 Idaho as NIU answers....things can change quickly at this level....Idaho probably needs another score to ice it. well the vandals just had a punt blocked with 5:54 to go deep in their territory and NIU takes it in for the TD from close range. NIU is going for the two point conversion to make it a three point game. NIU is a running team and if you give them the short field they are going to score. Give them 80-85 yards and they are challenged. NIU converts and it is 34-31 with 5:51 left.

Idaho needs a score and they have to take time off the clock.

Virginia Tech send Miami back to earth with a 31-7 thrashing. I knew the Hurricanes who climbed to #9 were pretenders. 2009 is the year of meaningless early college football polls. That  is why they play 12 games.

Back to Idaho....2:49 left and the Vandals are trying to run time off the clock by running the ball. The Vandals have some good RB's. Idaho needs another first down on the ground to ice this one.

Minnesota moves to 3-1 with a 35-24 win over Northwestern. If the Huskies ever play Northwestern we are going to have the all time great UW Dawg Pound Tailgate Party...Wisconsin knocks off Michigan State 38-30. That is another place I would like to see UW play at....LSU outlasted Miss State 30-26...NC State is leading Pitt 38-31 with five minutes left.

Idaho put together a clock eating drive and moves to 3-1 with a 34-31 win over NIU.

42-3 Oregon over Cal in Eugene....nobody saw this one coming....Quack!

Early Evening

Up next is Arizona and Oregon State closely followed by Arizona State and Georgia. Throw the predictions out the windows because this has been a wacky day. Tough to believe that Georgia vs ASU isn't on TV. Versus is no longer available on Direct TV because Comcast is trying to jack them so lets hope the Huskies keep winning and stay off that channel.

Ok...14-3 Georgia in the second quarter over ASU...somebody is televising it but I can't find it. Not like you can get the SEC channel in Chicago.

7-7 in Corvallis after the first quarter...I went heavy on OSU but today has been wacky...Have to think OSU wins by a couple of TD's.