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Washington at Stanford Game Thread

A week after Washington knocks off #3 USC almost every gambler, oddsmaker, and media pundit in the country is predicting that Stanford will dominate Washington on the field of play today. The logic surrounding the predictions are that Washington will be physically beat up after playing USC, UW will suffer an emotional let down after a big win, UW is playing its first road game under a new staff, and nobody is buying that a team that was 0-12 last season is very good even though they just beat USC.

I am not buying into the logic. I think Washington is a lot better than people think they are from a talent perspective. The coaches have been here before and I don't think they will let the team rest on their laurels. I think the edge Jake Locker gives them will end up winning this game. If you read the press clippings from this week he may just be the best QB int he country. The key for the Huskies is to ignore the press clippings and focus on the memories of 0-12. One big win doesn't wipe the bitter taste of 0-12 out of your mouth. The only way to exorcise those type of demons is to keep winning. Stanford is one of those teams we need to beat if we want to do something special in 2009.

Washington's keys for todays game:

  1. Stop or limit the Stanford running game.
  2. Force RS frosh QB Andrew Luck into mistakes.
  3. Force turnovers.
  4. Neutralize the Stanford return game.
  5. Control the ball on offense.
  6. Exploit Stanford's back seven.