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Dawgman teaming up with Fox College Sports for Stanford game is teaming up with Fox College Sports for the broadcast of the Washington/Stanford game on Saturday. This innovative broadcast will connect the FCS broadcast team with and it's users throughout the broadcast. The FCS broadcast team will be following during the game to pull the most interesting posts and questions for discussion during the broadcast. users will be able to twitter questions or comments directly to sideline reporter, Samantha Steele, during the game. Samantha will also be joining Husky fans on the message boards this week. If you aren't going to the game, join your fellow members online while you watch the broadcast on Fox College Sports!

Fox College Sports delivers over 100 NCAA football games each season.

Watch Washington at Stanford, September 26 @ 6:00pm PT Live.

Only on Fox College Sports!

To get FCS, call 877-2-GET-FCS or visit