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Stanford options

UW AD Scott Woodward and his staff are still trying to get the Stanford game televised in some way. It may just end up being a closed circuit feed to Hec Ed Pavillion. In the past I have seen the UW athletic department work around problems like this so don't give up hope. One thing for sure is Stanford university will not be part of the solution which is just stupid.

Here are the current options:

1. Hop on a plane and fly to the San Francisco Bay Area.

2. Listen to the game on KJR-AM if you are in the Seattle Area.

3. Listen to the game on XM radio. XM broadcasts every Pac Ten game. Usually they use the feed of the home team. Sometimes they use the home and away feed. The schedule for the 26th will be announced on Monday.

4. Sign up at to get the game streamed to your computer.