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The Monday Morning Wash

Big brother comes to town this weekend in the form of the USC Trojans. I have watched USC two weeks in a row and I think they have the stuff national champions are made of. Saturdays win over tOSU was just a classic.

As far as UW is concerned I think they were holding back schemes on both sides of the ball on Saturday. Idaho was better than most thought. Nathan Enderle has a decent arm and good footwork. When you give him four seconds to throw underneath he is going to do something positive with it.

Next weeks game will be closer than most people think. UW always gets up to play the Trojans so motivation won't be much a of a factor. The coaches are also going to unleash everything they have because it is the conference opener. USC just may be a little beat up after playing tOSU. That was a very physical game so UW might just be getting them at a better than usual time. Matt Barkley and Taylor Mays are listed as probable after getting dinged up.


Kate and I want to thank T-Dawg, Ordawg, Sundodger, T90Dawg, Kim Grinolds, Scott Eklund, and all the other great people who hosted us this weekend at their tailgate parties. We had a fantastic time!

Pac 10 Round Up

USC 18 OSU 15

This game was an instant classic from start to finish. The younger Trojans got a baptism in the fire of Columbus and came out with a win after being dominated by the tOSU defense most of the night. That last drive to finish out the game was pure and vintage USC. How many times have we seen them do that during the reign of Pete Carroll?

Wake Forest 24 Stanford 17

Tough to travel 3000 miles and win a football game. Stanford's depth and one dimensionalism was exposed in this one. SJSU is next.

Oregon 38 Purdue 36

This was a wire to wire track meet that was decided by a missed PAT and a too close to call two point conversion. Nice rebound game by the Ducks but the schedule begins to really heat up.

Hawaii 38 WSU 20

This one isn't as close as the score appears since Hawaii was up 35-0 at one point in the first half. Coug fans will console themselves with a win in the second half. Coug realists realize that Wulff is not the guy.

Arizona 34 Northern Arizona 17

Not enough points by the Wildcat offense and too many points given up to a Big Sky team. This game was closer than you think. Iowa will expose the Cats next week.

Oregon State 23 UNLV 21

Experts thought this one would be closer than most thought and it was. UNLV beat the spread and OSU is lucky to come out with a last second win.

California 59 Eastern Washington 7

The Bears dominated all day as expected. No surprises here except they didn't go over 60 points.

UCLA 19 Tennessee 15

This is a big win for Rick Neuheisel and the Pac on the road. Nothing to write home about. Tennessee was sloppy and UCLA cashed in on FG's. Not a real pretty game. Kevin Prince is out for at least four weeks with a broken jaw and the rapid decline of the Bruins due to QB depth arrives earlier this season.

Pac Ten Power Ratings

USC has a good shot to run the table this year but they arrive at Husky Stadium a little beat up and that is good news for Washington. How good is it? Well perhaps UW is still in the game through the fourth quarter with the help of Jake Locker. After two weeks I am pretty sure it is a free for all after USC and Cal...that being said those two teams may not come out of the conference schedule unscathed. WSU is the only team in the conference that really doesn't have a chance this season. Getting better week to week is the key to finishing strong in the conference in 2009.

1. Southern Cal...You win in Columbus early and you just might go all the way. Next up is UW.

2. California...The Bears need to play somebody good. Next up is Minnesota and they aren't very good.

3. Oregon State...2-0 start for the Beav's and we all know they get better every week. Next up is Cincinnatti at home. We will find out how real OSU is when they face the Bearcats.

4. Arizona...2-0 but I am not buying in. Stop Grigsby and you stop Arizona. Iowa is up next and UA has to be a less one dimensional to beat them.

5. Washington...Did UW hold back schemes against Idaho? We find out when USC comes to town.

6. UCLA...The Bruins are 2-0 and it is always nice to win in Knoxville but the QB fromerly lnown as Prince is out for four or more weeks which means the Bruins are in early trouble because of limited QB depth.

7. Stanford...The holes are exposed. Lets see how they do against scrappy SJSU which has a history of upsetting the Tree. Stanford can't afford many more injuries.

8. ASU...LA-Monroe is up next after an early bye week.

9. Oregon...A little redemption at home against an average Purdue team. The Oregon defense isn't up to snuff this season. Purdue's defense is similar to a sieve.

10. Washington State...Next loss is SMU. I think it is very doubtful that Wulff makes it twelve games.

Pac Ten Offensive Player of the Week

TB Jacquizz Ridgers OSU...166 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries. He also had 65 receiving yards on 10 receptions.

Pac Ten Defensive Player of the Week

USC Defense...Held Ohio State to 15 points at home!

Husky Offensive Player of the Week

QB Jake Locker was 17 for 25 for 253 yards and three touchdowns.

Husky Defensive Player of the Week

LB Mason Foster had a long interception return to lead a unit that had mixed results this week.