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Grading the game


I thought Jake Locker took over the offensve portion of the game. He was accurate all day but was more impressive to me was the way he made decisions and used the entire field. He looked like a true field general yesterday. I think Idaho's defense was more challenging than we thought it was. They never folded the entire game and gave Jake a good run for the money. Despite that he engineered 42 points without turnovers which isn't too shabby in any game.

Grade A

Running Backs

I thought the Huskies would run the ball more and begin to involve the fullbacks. They didn't run as much as I thought and instead of using the FB's it seems that Johri Fogerson has taken that role of the back who catches the ball out of the backfield. I thought both Polk and Fogerson were solid the entire game. Curtis Shaw got some time int he fourth quarter. These guys moved the chains but I didn't see the long runs I expected which would have tacke don same yardage.

Grade B

Wide Receivers

Locker used to entire field yesterday which allowed all of receivers to lend a hand in this one. I can't remember seeing a drop even though there had to be at least one. What impressed me was the way that all the kids went up for the ball. There were some close ones out there that least years team would have allowed to be intercepted or broken up. Our guys were out there fighting and making athletic plays.

Grade A

Offensive Line

The holes needed to create big playe weren't there this week. When you put up 42 points it is still a good performance but the run blocking was less effective than the previous week which is odd. This group is what it is and we will get a much better idea of where they are when they face an expremely tough defensive front next week

Grade B

Defensive Line

The pass rush wasn't there this week and that gives me some concern. I thought Idaho did a great job of taking away Washington's front four in passing situations. They still shut down the run but i expected Endele to be on his back most of the game. Washington might have gone vanilla stunt wise in this one with USC coming to town this week. Give guy's like Idaho's Lupati credit because I thought he was an excellent player who will go on to play Sunday's. We did have three sacks but the consistent pressure on the QB was out there. Even though we have improved play in the interior DTN didn't break out.

Grade C


The linebackers looked better than average to me for a second week. That being said they haven't played as well as I thought they would yet. Once again it could have been because of the schemes they used on Saturday. Uw controlled the Idaho game all day and they D didn't really give up any big plays.

Grade B


Idaho picked up way too many yards through the air. I can't put it all on the secondary because Enderle often had as many as four seconds to throw. It is still a work in progress back there as the coaches continue to experiment to find the right combinations. Trufant and Glenn had significant playing time this week. The defensive backfield is a work in progress and they need more help from the guys up front.

Grade C

Special Teams

Erik Folk was solid with his PAT's but didn't get any FG attempts which is good. The coverage units didn't give up any big plays but they aren't pinning anyone back. The kickoff's are way too shallow in my humble opinion. Mahan was solid and is a great addition. The KO returns haven't yielded much this season. Fogerson is a very capable punt returner. He just makes plays whenever the ball is in his hands.

Grade B


The enthusiasm on the sidelines was fun to witness in person. This staff works harder than the players which is just fun to watch. These guys leqd by example and I really like it. From a scheme and play calling perspective they didn't impress me as much as they did last week. Once again with USC coming in next week I am sure that they are saving some stuff on both sides of the ball. They did make some gutzy calls along the way but I don't think they open up the complete bag until next week. I would give the offense an A but the defense is scaring me right now. Lets hope it was the vanilla schemes because if it isn't USC is going to have a field day.

Grade B Plus