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What can go right or wrong in 2009

Every football season has an event or events were things take a turn for the better or the worse.

Take the year Washington was headed to a bowl berth after a good start under second year coach Ty Willingham only to see that go up in smoke when Isaiah Stanback suffered a Liz Franc injury. The Huskies finished 5-6 and only won one more game.

Jake Locker throws the ball in the air after what looks to be the tying score against BYU and is penalized. Washington misses the PAT and suffers a demoralizing loss. Jake is knocked for the season against OSU and the Huskies finish 0-12.

Rick Neuheisel was off to a clunky start at Washington when he asked Marques Tuiasosopo and Pat Coniff about the option they ran in HS. The coaches adjusted the offense and magic happened. Tuiasosopo became the only player in NCAA history to pass for over 300 yards and run for over 200 yards in a game, during a 35-30 victory over Stanford later that season. The Huskies finished 6-2 in conference and went to the Holiday Bowl. The next season the Dawgs went to the Rose Bowl and clobbered Purdue.

Things that can go seriously right in 2009

  1. Jake Locker stays healthy all season.
  2. Jake Locker starts delivering the ball with accuracy first and running second.
  3. The running backs stay healthy and produce over 100 yards per game.
  4. The young wide receivers grow up and take it to another level.
  5. The offensive line works together better in 2009 and does not wear down as much.
  6. The interior of the defense line improves freeing up Teo Nesheim, and Jones to harrass on the outside.
  7. The starting linebackers stay healthy all season.
  8. Dominique Gaisie locks down his side of the field at corner.
  9. The play at safety improves and become more enforcer like. Wells and Batts are tremendous additions.
  10. Kevin Folk is able to convert PAT's and FG's.

Things that can go seriously right or wrong in 2009

  1. Jake Locker gets injured. 
  2. Locker's accuracy doesn't improve and he relies on his legs.
  3. Injuries and inconsistency at RB.
  4. The young wide receivers drop too many balls.
  5. The performance of the offensive line is the same as it was in 2008.
  6. The interior of the defensive line continues to struggle putting extra pressure on the LB's and limiting the effectiveness of Teo Nesheim to make big plays.
  7. Injuries hit two or mor eof the starting linebackers.
  8. UW isn't able to develop a lock down cornerback.
  9. Batts doesn't make it in. Wells does not come back in fall camp quick enough to contribute.
  10. Kevin Folk converts kicks like he did this past spring.