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Cougar Update

Hers is an update from our friend Jeff at Coug Center on what is going with the Cougars as they enter fall camp. A lot of things have been cleared up and even though they would love to have Ivory Randle on the roster they really have a guy named Chris Ivory who looked like a pretty good back until he was injured.

  • Marshall Lobbestael is an option at QB -- he's listed as "or" with Kevin Lopina as the first stringer. He's roundly considered the more talented of the two QBs, it's just a matter of whether his knee is 100 percent. But it's going to be a legit competition starting Sunday, and most of us think Lobbestael is going to win it if his knee is in good shape. If he doesn't win it in camp, it's a virtual certainty he'll be a starter at some point in the year. 
  •  The running back who may or may not return from injury is Chris Ivory, not Ivory Randle.
  • Here's the situation with the DBs, which I know is hard to sort out if you haven't followed it closely Pellum and Giles are both gone.
  • Justin is NOT. In fact, Justin is likely to start at one of the corners, after charges against him were dropped. (The prosecutor said there wasn't enough evidence to convict, and Justin also is cooperating with authorities. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but whatever.)
  • Also, the charges against Tyree Toomer and LeAndre Daniels were dropped. (This one was a genuine misunderstanding -- they had taken some bikes that had been abandoned.)
  • There will be no lingering repurcussions with Xavier Hicks -- Wulff said the suspended license was the result of an oversight resulting from a ticket failing to be forwarded to a new address. Hicks WILL be a starter at safety; there is no question about his availability.