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Monday Morning Disclaimer

On Monday morning I was finishing my weekly piece the Monday Morning Wash and the phone rang and I accidentally erased the entire column. It has been really busy around here as we try to balance work, personal, and social life so simply didn't have time to ressurect it. I do have to tell you that there wasn't a whole lot new to write about so you guys didn't really miss much all that much.

I do have articles in the hopper to last us through next Monday afternoon. We still have the California preview to release along with position reports for Quarterbacks and Special Teams. We also are going to be taking a look through the annual purple tinted glasses at what Washington needs to do to qualify for a bowl game this year. We also have an annual peice entitled what can go right or wrong in 2009.

Finally next Monday we have the Monday Morning Wash special first day of fall camp edition. We take a look at what the expections and realities for the coaching staff in 2009. We all know coaches get a honeymoon period which lasts a couple of years. Willingham's ended after his team lost to Stanford in year two. So we ask the question of how long until the new coaches are on the hot seat.

Anyway sorry about yesterday, but we have some great stuff coming to you over the rest of the week!