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Depth Chart Released

A few surprises tossed out by the coaches when they released their depth chart.

On offense walk-on Greg Christine has won a starting job at guard and a likely scholarship for at least the rest of the year. Ben Ossai has been moved outside in place of RS Drew Schaefer who is still sure to see a lot of action on Saturday. Christine is a quality walk-on that Chris Fetters always said had the chance of earning a scholarship before he left UW. Looks like Chris knew what he was talking about.

The pecking order at RB is Polk, Fogerson, Griffin, Shaw and Bronson. I would espect to see all the top four get carries. Bronson has been plauged by fumbles lately and it has dropped him down the dpeth chart. Paul Homer has reclaimed his starting job at FB and is backed up by Austin Sylvester who had a pretty good camp.

At WR it looks like Polk, Goodwin, and Johnson are getting the starting nods but expect Kearse, Aguilar, and Bruns to see plenty of action.

Chris Izbicki and Kavario Middleton were named as co-starters at TE. Dorson Boyce will also see action.

Another surprise is that Desmond Trufant who missed half the camp is listed as the co-starter at CB with Vonzell McDowell. Justin Glenn who was penciled in as a starter through most of camp is still in the mix but needs to recover from an injury. Expect all three of those guys to see action on Saturday. Trufant has pretty good size and they want to get that in the lineup.

The safeties remain the same with Nate Williams and Greg Walker running the show. Behind them and expected to see action are Vic Aiyewa, and David Batts. Tripper Johnson is still in the mix too with Jason Wells out.

The two deeps at LB remains unchanged with only Matt Houston who suffered a torn bicep sitting out a couple more weeks. Butler, Savannah, and Mason are the starters. Slated to see action are Tui, Dennison, Huppert, and Gage. No word on if they are going to play Jordan Wallace since he isn't listed.

On the defensive line the Huskies go with Ta'amu, Elisara, Jones, and Teo Nesheim. Thompson, Aldrich, Duncan, and Matthews are listed as the backups. Expect to see the possible debuts of Chrichton and Pulu who are also listed in the depth. No mention of Tokolahi or Noble but expect them to be in the mix.

Kickoffs are scheduled to be handled by Quinton Richardson and Jordan Polk. Devin Aguilar is no longer listed in the depth at punt returner. It looks like Washington is going with Fogerson, and Bruns this week.

All of these moves are subject to change by game day. You never know if they are a motivation tool, a reward, or a real change until kickoff. Look for the competiton to continue at a few of the positions up until Friday night.