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Puppy Chow

Happy Saturday week until the 2009 Husky Football campaign kicks off!

Just a few updates as we head into the weekend:


Captains Named

The Huskies named their 2009 Captains last night at the Raise the Woof celebration. Ryan Tolar and Jake Locker will be the offensive captains, while Donald Butler and Daniel Teo Nesheim are in charge of the defense.  Of note, Jake is the first underclassman to be elected as a team captain since Marques Tuiasosopo in 1999.


Mock Game

Washington played a mock game Friday night in full-dress uniforms. The practice was open to neither the public nor media, and was called "full walk-through" by the coaches, with the purpose of preparing the team for game-day situations. Foremost among he changes will be the energy and emotion displayed by the team; expect the squad to hit the field at full throttle.



Chris Fetters of believes Washington will host as many as twenty PSA's for the LSU game. Some of these high school players are among the best in California, as the Huskies continue to recruit that state aggressively.


Bowl Games

The Pac 10 signed a four-year agreement with the Alamo Bowl yesterday, sending its second-place team to face the Big 12's number two squad. The Holiday Bowl will now be the home of the Pac 10's number three team each season.

This move allows the conference a greater payday, though down the road though it may prove to strain relations with the San Diego-based Holiday Bowl.


Coming Attractions

Starting Monday, we will beging taking a closer look at our first opponent, LSU.

Have a great weekend!