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Brent Williams Verbals to UW

Brent Williams a pass rushing specialist listed as an OLB has verbaled to Washington. Williams went to the same high school as Craig Noble and that played a lot into his decision to attend Washington. Another key factor is Washington is going to give him a shot to play DE. He is listed at only 6'2 205 pounds so he isn't what you would call your prototypical college DE at this point.

He has put up some great stats against some very good competition in Southern California. As a junior at Taft, Williams had 17 sacks, 59 tackles and 29 tackles for loss.

The coaches told him that they envisoned him in a Clay Matthews/Leo type of position. Matthews grew into a 6'3 240 pounder before he left USC so Williams has some growing to do over the next couple of years to fill that type of position. Wherever he does end up he brings a couple things the coaching staff is looking for and that is speed and athleticism.

Williams is the third OLB type recruited by the Huskies for 2010. Darius Waters and Princeton Fuimaono are also listed as future WLB's. Chris Young is another guy that could fit that mold but the coaches envision him as more of a SLB.