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Ted Miller is in Town

ESPN's Ted Miller starts his own version of the Pac 10 Skywriters tour today in Seattle. Ted plans on visiting all the schools in the conference to take in a practice or two in the pre-season.

Ted is one of the most insightful writers in the business. He has the ability to eye a team in the pre-season and give a very accurate appraisal of where they are going to end up in December. Respect what Ted has to write over the next couple of days because ever since he arrived in Seattle to work for the PI he has completely nailed where the Huskies were going to end up in the coming season.

I'm presently in Seattle. Checked in with new Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian Sunday night and will be at Huskies practices on Monday.

Wait ... we can watch the Huskies practice? How can a team possibly hope to compete if it opens practices?

By the way, every Pac-10 team has opened preseason practices to -- at least -- the media. I don't think any other conference can say that.

Personally I have been eagerly waiting for him to view the Huskies because I think he is going to like a lot of what he see's going on out there. I don't expect him to predict a Rose Bowl but I think he may up his expectations a bit concerning the fortunes of the current team. Most knowledgable observers who witness a practice come away with a very positive impression on what is currently happening at Montlake.