Purple Power!!

Dawgfans it's time to start thinking "outside the box" to use the much used cliche'. We've all seen what a pumped up student section can do for an athletic contest, the "Dawg Pack" has really stepped up and become a fixture for Husky Basketball. I know there is a comparable Husky Student section for football but why not take that spirit and put it into a "fan section"? The Husky Horseshoe used to have a bit of reputation for getting loud and making a difference in games. When the Husky Defense needed a stop to secure a win and the opposing team was driving towards "the horseshoe", the West Endzone stepped up and helped the Husky D get the job done! So why not embrace that history? Why not make being a part of that "Purple Zone" a special thing? So here it is in a nutshell, make most of that endzone a "Purple Zone" where the only requirement is for you to wear purple and support the Huskies! GO DAWGS!!