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Event Parking?

The UW is charging $7.00 - $15.00 to park while watching football practices at Montlake. Just when you think they are starting to get it they pull a total brain cramp and throw it in the face of a loyal core of fans who come to watch practice.

So lets say an average of 300 fans show up for all 29 pre season practices and pay an average of $11.00 to park. that means the UW would pull in $95,700 in the pre season and not a dollar of it will go to athletic department. If it was going to the athletic department perhaps I could rationalize it. since it doesn't I think it is a competely greedy move that hurts the momentum they are trying to build.

It should be all about seeling season tickets. The more excitement you build in the pre season will yield more future ticket sales...that is where the real money is.

Scott Woodward needs to get on this one...just another PR disaster waiting to happen this week.

On another note it looks like Dominique Gaisie isn't getting in and it is a UW decision rather han a clearing house decision. Word is he is likely headed for BYU and he could have gotten in anywhere in the Pac Ten except Washington.

The upper campus isn't helping the program as far as JC's are concerned. Losing a guy like Gaisie on sematics is just stupid. steve Sarkisian is going to be succesful at UW but we aren't going to keep him if the upper campus keeps making stupid decisions. Things are getting better but we have a long way to go.