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A Little Nick Daschel

If you are a Husky fan who lived in the Vancouver, WA area over the past decade, Nick Daschel is probably not on your Christmas list. Nick rarely wrote anything nice about the Huskies, while extolling the virtues of Oregon and Oregon State...who, by the way, just happened to be doing most everything right.

From what I gather, Nick isn't actually a Husky-hater. Like many of us. he simply wasn't a fan of Barbara Hedges, Rick Neuheisel, Keith Gilbertson, or Todd Turner. If you get paid for sports writing,you need to tell it like it is.  For better or worse, Daschel is probably the most critical; I keep a close eye on what professionals like Nick write; when they do write something positive, they truly mean it.

 The truth is, this is a team coming off a 0-12 season, but it is not a 0-12 team. Sarkisian has some tools to work with, and unlike his predecessor, he’s not going to pack it in halfway through the season.

Nick hits the bulls-eye here, which I have been making since Steve Sarkisian was hired. Washington isn't really an 0-12 team, and this isn't an 0-12 coaching staff. Sure, there are some holes and a serious lack of depth, but this team--if it stays healthy--will surprise some people.