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Sports Illustrated

Check out the Top 20 that SI has put together and guess who is on the cover for the Western edition with another new uniform that features the wings of a familiar water fowl on the shoulder pads?

Maybe we should try paw prints some year....just saying....but not really saying.

They have Florida number one and USC at number four which seems reasonable. Boise State comes in at number nine which is actually plausible since if they beat Oregon they are likley to go unbeaten with the weak WAC schedule. If the Bronco's lose to Oregon a top ten finish isn't going to happen.

The big surprise is Oregon at number 11 and no mention of California followed by Oregon State at number 18. Cal doesn't even make the top 25.

Talk about throwing darts at a dartboard out of the back of a moving pick up truck which is the actual joy of college football. things change every year as one class graduates and another comes in and others mature. Add the continual coaching changes to the mix and it is tough to really figure out who are the top 20 football teams in advance.


2008 record: 0-12 (0-9 Pac-10)

New coach: Steve Sarkisian, formerly USC's offensive coordinator.

What he inherits: As evidenced by its record last year, Sarkisian takes over a program that's sitting at rock-bottom. The one beacon of hope, however, is quarterback Jake Locker, the 2007 Pac-10 Freshman of the Year. Washington probably would have won a few games last year had Locker not broken his thumb in the season's fourth game. (The Huskies nearly took top 25 foe BYU to overtime in Week 2.) Unfortunately, Locker has very little supporting cast to speak of, and the defense needs a heavy infusion of talent.

'09 prospects: The good news: Washington almost certainly won't go winless again. The bad news: The Huskies are still probably a far cry from reaching .500. Non-conference games against LSU and Notre Dame won't help. If Locker shines as expected, and if running back Chris Polk can continue the promise he showed early last season before suffering his own season-ending injury, Washington should at least be able to run up points against the Pac-10's lower half.

Who here thought Chris Polk showed promise early last season? Maybe in the Spring, but in the regular season?

Chris was a Deer (perhaps Fawn) in the Headlights before getting injured early. The kids that showed promise were Dailey and Freeman who are no longer on the team.

Nothing against Chris because he was the most talented of the bunch, and I think he is going to have a breakout season, but it just shows you how tough it is to analyze every single team in division one accuarately, let alone make a prediction going into the season.

I have had a few pro's challenge me on my 6-6 prediction, and rightly so, but if they can win four they certainly have the chance to win six. If we can stay healthy I think we are going to suprise some people.

I really think the biggest problem over the past four years was a lack of intensity, coaching, communication, and attitude. I think the new staff addresses this and the Huskies surprise some people in 2009.

I am not saying there aren't some depth and talent issues, but I refuse to believe we had 0-12 talent last season.

Ted Miller's Best and Worst Case Scenario's for Oregon

As usual...pretty funny stuff.

From the Huskies 8-yard line, Masoli throws the ball to his left into the flat toward the endzone pylon, but Washington cornerback Quinton Richardson snags the ball and sprints down the sideline.

"Quinton Richardson's gonna score!" screams Huskies play-by-play man Bob Rondeau.

Huskies win 31-20.

Richardson's 97-yard interception return for a game-clinching touchdown becomes known as "The Pick," and it will be played repeatedly in Husky Stadium whenever Oregon visits in the future.