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The Usual Surprises

Camp opened yesterday and as usual there were the usual surprises that make you semi re-adjust your thinking about the coming season. Going into fall camp the biggest concern the coaches have is the offensive line and the roster took a couple of hits when the squad lost a couple of offenive lineman.

Matt Sedillo left the team for personal reasons and while he wasn't an all american or even a starting candidate this season it is the loss of an experienced body that could have been in the rotation in addition to being a big body to practice against.

JC OL Daniel Mafoe was another no show because he hasn't qualified yet. Coach Sarkisian says if he makes it in it is a bonus but they are not counting on him at this point. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. The loss of those two big bodies may not have effected the starting lineup but Washington can ill afford any injuries going forward.

CB Marcus Trufant has to retake a class and should rejoin the team before the first game. One of his classes didn't meet NCAA clearing house requirements. He is a good student so the coaches who were likely going to redshirt him are not concerned.

WR Vince Taylor is out with a banged up knee. No word yet on when he is going to return. S Will Shaumburger will sit out this season after having surgery which was expected. He was a grey shirt candidate but the coaches decided that it would be better if he enrolled this fall so he could be under the care of the UW rehab team.   DT Chris Robinson is scheduled for knee surgery so he will spend his first year at Montlake rehabbing.

Kimo Makaula is starting off the fall at FB which is a bit of a surprise. Kimo can play anywhere but I really didn't think of FB as a need position. I had him penciled in as a TE or DE.

On the plus side S Jason Wells should be ready to contribute this fall after almost two years off because of injury. The entire picture at DB looks pretty good right now. Michael Batts and Dominique Gaisie are really going to push the incumbents for starting jobs. A friend of mine who was at practice says he would be really surprised if those two aren't int he starting lineup against LSU.

We are driving back to Chicago after spending the last few days sailing on the Mississippi, and St Croix rivers up in Minnesota. So that is all for now but i will have another report up after practice tonight.