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We are hearing tonight that RB's Brandon Johnson and David Freeman have flunked out of school according to the Seattle Times Bob Condotta.

Before you start to panic neither of these guys were in the four deeps after spring ball. Johnson was injury prone and wasn't really into conditioning. He quit the team 4-5 times if memory serves me right since he has been here.

Freeman flashed a lot of potential early last year but congenital ankle problems plauged him for most of the season.

The coaches want to bring in 25 players in 2010 so expect more of this type of news as time goes on. I am actually suprised there hasn't been more earlier but that is a testament to the excitement the coached.

RB Depth Chart

  • Polk
  • Bronson
  • Shaw
  • Griffin
  • Yakaboski

So the Huskies are basically four deep at RB entering the season because Yakaboski has never been able to stay healthy more than a couple of weeks during his Husky career. UW went through RB's like toothpicks in 2008 so maybe kids like Johri Fogerson and Anthony Gobern moves over from defense.