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A little recruiting news

This isn't the hottest recruiting period of the season. This is the one month of the year when you can actually say things slow down to an almost standstill in recruiting. One reason is coaches across the country while still connected generally take vacations with their families. For the PSA's they also are on vacation since they will be heading to their HS camps in mid August.

Things pick back up when practices begin. At that time you start to see a steady stream of visitors once again. You usually don't start the official visits till later in the year but Washington is going to have a big recruiting weekend to kick everything off during their opener against LSU in Husky Stadium. Usually you try to get the kids to visit on their remaining last official visit and not the first but the strategy for getting the top guys in California has been altered under Sarkisan.

The reasoning behind it is it is a big national ESPN game in front of a packed house at night in Husky Stadium. Kids love being there when ESPN is in the house.

This is a list of some of the kids who are plannning to be there. As with any list six weeks in advance things will change as time goes on. Some of these visits will be official and some of these kids will be coming up on their own dime. We will have a better idea once the date gets closer.

  • RB Jordan James
  • CB Josh Shaw
  • MLB Hayes Pullard
  • MLB Victor Burnett
  • CB Troy Hill
  • OL Nick Rowland
  • CB Demetrius Wright

The Next Commit?

If I was a betting man I would say it would be Erik Koehler who plans to take a visit in August to watch the team during practice. This will be the second time that Koehler has taken an unofficial visit. He will also be in town again when Oaks Christian plays Skyline in September.

Koehler's last trip was to Notre Dame and all reports coming in say he enjoyed the trip and liked meeting the coaches. Still he keeps telling everyone that interviews him that Washington remains his top choice and the next trip he will make will be to Washington with Nick Montana.

I think the stars have aligned together on this one and we can expect Koehler to commit on that trip to kick August off with a big bang.