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Washington Football Preview - Fullback

The Pro Set offense is a football dream for fullbacks and tight ends in these pass-happy days of the spread offense. At Washington, we appreciate smash mouth football and the Pro Set allows us to bring back some of our joy.  Utilizing the fullback in the passing game (as done successfully at USC) is a great change up, keeping opposing defenses guessing.

Something Ty Willingham had in ample supply at Washington was good fullbacks. Problem:  he did a fairly poor job utilizing this talent, wasting the talents of Luke Kravitz , while limiting the opportunities of Paul Homer.  Homer, a senior and big contributor for the past three years, has a huge opportunity to become an integral element of the passing game in 2009. If Homer can supply 15-20 passes, it will be a huge boost for the Husky offense.  Lining up behind Homer is junior Austin Sylvester, who has spent most of his time on special teams since arriving at UW. The junior from Reno will get his first chance to show what he can do carrying the ball and blocking this season.

The future at fullback is playing his senior season at O'Dea HS this fall. Zach Fogerson is one of the top FB recruits in the country and could see time as a big back, fullback, or even an inside linebacker once he dons the purple and gold. Zach originally committed to Willingham and now is firmly committed to joining his older brother Johri at Washington under Coach Sarkisian.