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Jake Heaps headed to BYU

One of the more poorly kept secrets in the Puget Sound area over the last month has been Jake Heaps decision to attend BYU. Insiders have been saying for the last month that the only reason that Heaps hasn't announced was the desire to keep coaches sniffing around Skyline to open up opportunities to other players on the squad for observation by other coaching staffs around the country.

All I can say is that I am happy for Jake and his family that he made his decision and also there are better QB's out there that have Washington firmly in their sights as a destination.

Lets face it Jake would have been a big get but he went where his heart was even though most of us think it was the wrong choice.

By the way Keith Price who will be a frosh this year is a much better fit long term.

UW still is high on the list of a couple of other QB's who just might be higher rated.

Jake...I hope when you return to Husky Stadium you spend most of the time on your back with your head buried in the turf.