The UW places 11th in 2008/2009 NACDA Learfield Sports Directors Cup!


First off, what is the NACDA Directors Cup? (The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) It's basically an association that awards universities and academic institutions a yearly award (The Director's Cup) based on athletic achievements throughout a calendar school year. It's normally broken down with a 1st semester- Fall; 2nd semester- Winter; and a 3rd semester Spring- at the end of every June, points are tabulated and the school with the highest computation of points earned- is awarded The Director's Cup. Stanford University practically has a monopoly on the Cup- winning like a ton of the Cups (I can find it only going back to the late 1990's). This year, the University of Washington Huskies just missed the top ten, but finishing a respectable 11th with a total of 1010.25- with tOSU just ahead of them in the 10th spot at 1015.80. (THANK YOU Husky Women Softball Team! WOOF!) Here is some "cut/paste" of the official wording from the above linked (in title) site. Here ya go: NACDA serves as the professional association for those in the field of athletics administration. The largest association of collegiate athletics administrators, NACDA boasts a membership of more than 6,100 individuals and more than 1,600 institutions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Members include athletics directors, associate and assistant athletics directors, conference commissioners and affiliate individuals or corporations. NACDA was founded in 1965. It had its origins at the First and Second National Conferences on Athletic Administration in Colleges and Universities, held in Louisville, Kentucky in 1959 and 1962. At the third conference, in 1965, in Washington, D.C., NACDA was officially founded and the Association held its inaugural Convention in 1966. The backbone of NACDA, the Foundation is the Association's educational arm which sponsors the clinics, workshops and seminars and manages the postgraduate scholarship programs. There is a whole host of other great affiliations, causes, and purposes for the betterment of athletics, minorities and under-represented parties involved in academic/athletics at the JC up and through the university level of campuses throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. For additional info, go here.