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"He can run, but he can't hide and we will find him!"

The Texas District Attorney has made it a priority to bring former WSU Cougar QB Ryan Leaf to justice back in Texas. He was quoted that he would form a dragnet and extradite him from Vancouver, BC. if he doesn't turn himself in to Texas authorities by Thursday.

A warrant for Leaf's arrest has been out since May 20, when a grand jury issued nine indictments related to alleged use of a prescription painkiller medication. Leaf faces up to 20 years in prison on the felony burglary charge alone!

As we said earlier Texas is about the worst place in the country to be doing something wrong and be caught. Expect Ryan to do quite a bit of time in the slammer if convicted and that conviction is pretty certain in Texas.

On the other side of the coin staying in British Columbia may just be a better option for Leaf if he wants to avoid jail time. While the Texas DA is making some big noise he may not realize that it isn't exactly easy to get someone extradited from the province.

We will see what happens on Thursday and if the promised dragnet commences.

Once again I think the best thing to do in this matter is get Ryan the help he needs rather than throw him in jail for twenty years. The guy is a complete screw up but the punishment needs to fit the crime in my opinion. Of course I am not in Texas.

Don't mess with Texas!