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The Monday Morning Wash

The big story last week was the demise of the swimming team and the Steve Kelley column in the Seattle Times lambasting the decision. To me, it seemed that Kelley spent about two minutes researching this one. He placed the focus and blame on Scott Woodward, a step I feel is unwarranted.

While we all feel for the kids and the coaches, without an adeqaute facility on campus the program was on life support.

The story would have been far more interesting had Kelly gone back 20 years--before the Goodwill Games--to place the blame clearly where it belongs. The Goodwill Games organizers wanted the facility on campus, but the UW turned it down. 

Steve succeeded the legendary Georg N. Meyers, whom to me was the best sports columnist I have ever read. I actually learned to read using Georg's columns. To be fair, Steve does write some good material and he does know basketball, but in my opinion this wasn't one of his strongest efforts.

Coaches Tour

The annual coaches tour starts in Bellingham today and will feature QB Jake Locker. Stave Sarkisian will be missing this first stop due to prior obligations, but will attend the remaining dates. It will be interesting to compare the contrast of Sarkisian to Willingham out on the links this year. Willingham was a pretty good golfer and Sarkisian reportedly has some work to do on his game.

Willingham got a lot of flack last year for blowing off quite a few stops to play in a tournament back in home state of North Carolina last season.


Washington Crew is rounding into shape at the right time after defeating #1 Cal last weekend and sweeping opening day this past weekend. The Huskies have the Pac 10 championships and the IRA still ahead of them. The #2 Water Dawgs are in great shape to claim there second national championship in three years.


The #4 Huskies are with striking distance of first place in the Pac 10 with three games remaining. Washington is looking for its first national championship in the sport this season. How pitcher Danielle Lawrie goes, so go the Huskies. She was dominating this week.