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Softball team almost there...golfers one and done

The Washington softball team earned itself a day off after beating defending national champion ASU yesterday. The Huskies have put themselves in a position where they only have to win one of the next two games to play in a best of three game series for the national championship.

Danielle Lawrie once again was on her game and helf the Sun Devils to only two hits on the evening. UW now is the odds on favorite to take away the softball crown.

The men's golf team fell to Arkansas 3-2 to end their season on a low note despite it being the strongestHusky golf finish of all time. the Huskies end their season ranked furth in the nation and champions of the Pac 10. With four out of five golfers coming back next year UW figures to be a national championship contender once again.

UW never felt really at home on the course at Inverness in Toledo, Ohio. That unfamiliarity and lack of comfort was key for sealing the Huskies fate in this tournament.