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Ryan Leaf Indicted

I believe we all remember last year when Ryan Leaf was dismissed from his entry-level assistant coach job for taking hydrocodone (a controlled substance, similar to percoset) from one of his players.

Obviously, this player didn't care much for Ryan; charges have been filed against Leaf for forcibly breaking and entering.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been indicted by a Randall County grand jury on drug and burglary charges.

The indictment handed up Wednesday in Canyon charged the 33-year-old former San Diego Chargers quarterback and former West Texas A&M quarterbacks coach with one count of burglary to a habitation, seven counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance.

As is frequently the case with not only professional athletes, but many people in our communities who have suffered significant injuries, Ryan developed a dependency on prescription painkillers. Though worse things may happen, with proper treatment it is a very treatable condition.

Obviously, Ryan needs help.  A public hanging, however, in my opinion is a waste of time. Provide him the assistance he needs and move on.

The story gets more interesting, as Ryan is currently in British Columbia supposedly undergoing rehabilitation for chemical dependency. Translated, this means he has to peacefully re-enter the United States and turn himself in to authorities.  Failure to do so will result in extradition procedures for a forcible return.

Texas isn't the best place to be caught breaking the law. If and when he returns he is going to get some serious time in the slammer.

Stay tuned...this one is going to get interesting.