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UW Notes

Local Fund Raising
For the first time in over a decade the UW Athletic Department is becoming proactive in fund rasing by sending representatives across the state to speak one on one with potential contributors in their homes and offices.I

In the past UW took it for granted that people would contribute but Scott Woodward has reacted to the criticism that the UW has an attitude of saying thanks for the money now get out of our way. This is just another positive example of how the new administration is trying to pull everyone back together again.

Baseball and Soccer Stadiums
Construction will start soon to complete the baseball and soccer stadiums. The goal is to complete those projects which were started under the Campaign for the Student Athlete. Another goal is to have a track facility built in conjunction with the Soccer Stadium so that when they are ready to move ahead with remodeling Husky Stadium the track will already be in place.

Softball Stadium
A donor has stepped up to install lights at the softball stadium. that means UW will be able to host NCAA tournament games next season. It is a good investment since our softball program traditionally has been in the top ten nationally almost every single year.

Hec Edmundson
The naming rights for Bank of America Arena come up next year and UW will likely be looking for a new sponsor. hopefully the economy will continue to bounce back and there will be some interest next year.

Field Turf
UW is currently replacing the Field Turf in Husky Stadium which will give the team a new bouncy surface to play on next season. One question I have is it removeable? If for some reason they get funding together in the next year or two to lower the bowl and remodel the stadium do they have to buy new turf or can they reinstall it?

Dawgman on KJR
Our friends at Dawgman are going to be doing a show on KJR once a week once they get some of the legal details worked out. Expect an announcement by the end of the month.

Dawgman is the number one source for all your Husky recruiting news.