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Yahoo sports still going after USC

If you want the death penalty for a coach in college sports you provide proof of that coach giving money to a recruit.

You have to hand it to Yahoo sports since the rest of America and the NCAA has been ignoring the alledged pay for pay scandal at USC. Only the Yahoo reports have kept this investigation open and it seems NCAA investigators have hit the gold mine with an alledged direct link between current coach Tim Floyd and the handlers of OJ Mayo.

USC men’s basketball coach Tim Floyd made a direct cash payment to a man who helped deliver O.J. Mayo to the Trojans program, according to Louis Johnson, a former member of Mayo’s inner circle.

 Here is a quote from the ongoing investigation.

"It was clearly money in contemplation of inducing O.J. to go through with the decision [to play at USC]. That was the understanding that Louis had - that this was money from Floyd to Guillory for them to go out and have a great weekend. It was the inducement for Guillory's efforts in delivering [Mayo to sign with USC]."


One of the things to consider always is the testimony in such cases always comes from very questionable sources. This will be interesting to watch as it plays out.