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Quote of the day

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times was at practice yesterday and he came away with a lot of positive impressions.

As a result, the Huskies are a loose bunch displaying a fire rarely seen in their games last season. If you parachuted into Husky Stadium from out of nowhere and someone told you this was a bowl team, you wouldn't laugh.

ESPN's Ted Miller will eventually pop in to survey what is going on at Montlake and the Tedster has one of the keenest eyes in the game. It will be interesting to read his impressions once he has a chance to view a practice.

Every single person I know that has been to practice has come away impressed at this point. It has been a long time since that happened on the shores of Montlake.

Kudo's to Lear for the excellent practice report yesterday!

Ben Riva decides to be a Husky

Reports are coming in that O'Dea HS OT Ben Riva verbaled to the Husky staff after practice last night. It was just confirmed over at Dawgman. Riva is one of the highest rated offensive lineman in the state. The thing that sticks out with this kid is speed. He runs a five flat forty and has the type of size you like to have out on the edge.

Speed on the edge is critical these days since offensive tackles are going up against defensive ends who run in the 4.7 - 4.9 range.