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Day Four

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Another sunny spring day in Seattle delivers some perfect football weather for the Huskies to practice in. Sark and the gang turn it up a notch or two today with full pads and contact.

A couple of players suffered some minor dings today. D'Andre Goodwin looked like he tweaked his hamstring. Chris Polk sat out with a shin bruise. Matt Mosley also sat out nursing a minor injury. EJ Savannah was back today battling a sprained ankle.

Safety Victory Aiyewa was back practicing after being bothered by a sports hernia that has lingered for over a year. He had the hit of the day when he pounded Cody Bruns to the turf in the middle of the field. It was a major league hit and it got the crowd going. 

QB play was better today as both Locker and Fouch improved their accuracy after a sub par performance on Saturday. They are going to have both good and bad days as they get used to the new offense and develop timing with the receivers. Locker flashed his wheels a couple of times today with some nice runs.

Curtis Shaw had another good day running the ball and seems to have taken the lead at the TB position.

Chris Izbicki ran with the first unit today which is partly due to Middleton being slowed down by the flu. That being said Izbicki could end up owning the position if he keeps working hard this spring and Middleton doesn't snap out of his funk.

The defense was the winner today according to Coach Sark. The offense and defense have split the competition so far but the "D" is obviously ahead of the "O" at the point.

Kevin Folk continues to struggle with FG's going only 2-5 today.

Here is a very nice piece on open practices by our friend Malamute

The best things about the open practices are the reports from the fans, who report back the "truth" in an unvarnished manner. When I attended practices at Evergreen back in 2003/2004, I had to be careful about what I wrote because I knew the tattletale beat writers would be reading my stuff, along with at least one UW administrator. Those guys had Mr. Curmudgeon -- the always jovial Keith Gilbertson -- on their side, and I didn't.

 Chris Fetters from Dawgman

"Our kids played physical for our first day in pads, but it wasn't a whole lot different, and that's what we want," Sarkisian said after practice. "The goal is that is doesn't matter what type of gear we have on - we still play fast and we still play physical."

 Coach Sarks Top Five

It was “Competition Monday” on Montlake as the Dawgs took the field for their fourth practice of the spring. Once again, the offense got the better of the defense.

 1. Players of the Day: On Offense Cody Habben and on Defense Nate Williams.

2. Play of the Day: Jake Locker's 70 yard TD run.

3. Coach of the Day: Nick Holt ”It was a good day of ball man!!”

4. Thought of the Day: Great competitors have the ability to remain focused despite distractions.

5. Team Competition Winner: Defense (2nd and 7 competition)

Quote of the Day

"The other stuff is kind of just footwork, and that’s not really fun," defensive lineman Daniel Te'o-Nesheim said. "This is where the real fun starts."