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Day Three

Perfect football weather in Seattle today with the forecast for clear skies and temps in the mid 60's. Washington will be practicing in shells today which means they will be wearing helmets and shoulder pads. Washington will have their first practice in full pads on Monday.

Around 1500 plus fans in attendance today depending on who you believe and they even opened up the concession stands which is impressive. The practice was physical with lots of hitting going on even though the players aren't in full pads.

Lots of work going on with the QB's today. The level of fine tuning that is going on in this area is pretty impressive from what I am hearing. That is to be expected when you bring in a couple of guys like Nussmeier and Sarkisian.

A friend of mine who was there today called to tell me that the practice was pretty impressive. Everyone has access to watch all the drills up close. He said he was ten feet away for the most part all day. He said that real Husky football has returned to the banks of Montlake.

Defense dominated play today and Locker didn't look all that sharp as he continues to adapt to the new system.

Kicker Erik Folk was 3-for-4 on his field goal attempts, hitting from 34 and 41 yards to draw applause from the crowd in attendance.

Linebacker E.J. Savannah was limited in practice today with a sore ankle. EJ will be back on Monday. Running back Terrence Dailey tried to give it a go today but eventually left the field with trainers.

If you want to watch some great interviews with the coaches after todays practice click the link to go to the UW Spring Football Blog.

Big Plays and Impressions

  • Jermaine Kearse caught two TD passes.
  • Curtis Shaw had a 40 yard run.
  • Demetrius Bronson ripped off a 20 yarder.
  • Marquise Persley had two interceptions at CB.
  • Anthony Boyles looked real good today.
  • Chris Izbicki continues to play well.

Scott Ecklund at Dawgman

"I really want to look at this film from today because it got physical," Sarkisian said. "We did some one-on-one pass-rush stuff with these guys. They are a tough group which is really encouraging. I was anxious to watch them because they're not the biggest of guys, but I was excited about the fact they stuck their nose in there today.

 Bob Condotta at the Seattle Times

One ex-player also said that "it looks like the coaches and players are on the same page'' something he said was lacking during the previous regime

And all seemed to love the atmosphere with the fans cheering after big plays and just adding a general buzz. "I wish we'd had this,'' one said.

 Coach Sarks Top Five

Coach Sark spent a lot of time talking about the importance of the red zone today, making sure the players understand how the game changes when the field shortens. For the offense, the focus was taking care of the ball and making big plays to put points on the board.

1. Players of the Day: On Offense Curtis Shaw and on Defense Donald Butler

2. Play of the Day: Donald Butler's Big Hit on Willie Griffin

3. Coach of the Day: Mike Cox ”The first spring practice in pads, is not for the meek or mild”

4. Thought of the Day: If you want to be physically tough, you have to be mentally tough.

5. Team Competition Winner: Offense

Quote of the Day

“The new staff is crazy,” Butler said. “On us every play. On the field with us. Running with us. Running right to the ball with us. Hopping on the pile with us. It’s different. It’s something that this team needed, and the guys are buying into it.”