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One more funeral... .

If you are a regular follower of the blog you may realize that I have had to travel to three funerals since last fall. The first one was to Minneapolis for the father of one of my very best friends. The second was to LA for my 93 year old Uncle. The third was for the wife of my best friend from high school who died unexpectedly a week later while awaiting lung translpant.

This Sunday my wife's 85 year old Aunt Marie passed away after a battle with cancer and we are heading out to Denver early Friday for yet another funeral.

Aunt Marie was an exceptional person who raised a family of ten kids who all have done exceptionally well in life. She was a community oriented person who established the first food bank and hospice in Denver before anyone ever thought of such a concept. She was truly an exceptional person who was way ahead of her time.

The Pope recognized her with a private audience in Rome and a hardy hand-clasp for all her good deeds. They talk about the salt of the earth and how we would all perish if the salt was removed. Aunt Marie was one of those mighty grains of salt who helped hold it all together for the less fortunate in her community.

The long and short of it is that I will be unable to report on the game this Saturday and hope a couple of our loyal readers can step up in my stead and publish your usual fantastic fan posts.

I would much rather be in Seattle but have been involved in a huge development project this spring which has sapped my time. You may have all noticed the result of this with the more or less generic practice reports I have been posting.

So for the long and short of it if you guys could post your impressions it would be appreciated by the fantastic community we have built here.