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Day 13 - Shorts and Shells

It wasn't the most noteworthy of practices today, as the team gets ready for the Saturday's annual spring game. No word yet on how the coaches plan to divide up the team, but I suspect we will see is little more than a glorified scrimmage.

With injuries mounting, the staff decided to go with shorts and shells today. According to reports, the QB's had another strong outing.  It seems they are starting to get comfortable with the offense,m while the WR's continue to step by holding on to the ball.

Josh Gage, Vonzell McDowell, Chris Polk were in red today. E.J. Savannah, Donald Butler, Kurt Mangum, D'Andre Goodwin and Vince Taylor were not practicing today. Everrette Thompson and Skyler Fancher were still on crutches.

Alvin Logan is showing what he can do at safety so mark this down that the move is going to be a permanent one. He lit it up at practice today. He picked up the lone interception of the day at the one yard line.

Elliot Silvers, the Director of the Big "W" Club, says that around 200 former players have RSVP'ed for activities on Friday and Saturday. Among those slated to show up for special events are Corey Dillon, Olin Kreutz, Mark Bruener, Benji Olson, Damon Huard, Lawyer Milloy, Marques Tuiasosopo and Dave Hoffmann.

Chris Fetters from Dawgman

 I want competition," he said. "The most important thing I have to develop are players that have a full understanding of what's going on and have position flexibility. We also have to create the competition, because we don't have a lot of numbers

Dick Baird from Dawgman think the Apple cup at Qwest is a no brainer. My question is why help the Coug's?

Let me get this right - the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars are being offered as much as $10 million each for six years to move their rivalry game to Qwest Field? That’s an easy decision: Take the money and run. This whole thing has to be driven by the Cougs, who obviously have the most to gain by swapping their once-per-year non-conference game with a guaranteed sellout.

The Husky Stadium and Key Arena Bill is dead according to the Seattle Times after new yesterday it was live. The Socialists in the House have killed it. What a bunch of idiots.

A bill to fund a KeyArena renovation (and lots of other King County projects) is dead, according to its chief sponsor, Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle.

The bill, substitute Senate Bill 6116, had been expected to come up today for a Senate vote. But when majority Democrats met in caucus, it became clear there wasn't enough support.

Murray told Olympia reporter Andrew Garber "It is dead... too much opposition in the Senate Democratic caucus."

 Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times

"There is so much teaching that we have to get done and we are trying to play fast,'' he said. "But the intensity we play in, especially when we get in pads, it gets pretty intense and we have to sometimes limit our reps because it gets so physical. We can take the pads off and we can maximize our reps and really emphasize the speed and the running factor, which we are trying to become more of, we're trying to become a ffaster team, yet when our pads our on, guys want to click in that we are a physical team, as well.''

Quote of the Day

When asked after practice Wednesday to shed some light on the new look, Sarkisian displayed a lip-zipped grin, opting to keep the suspense until the actual revelation.

"They're not that drastic," said Sarkisian, noting the players would have likely worn them for the final scrimmage, but that Nike couldn't turn them around in time. "We're still purple and gold."

The rumor floating around practice was that the uniform will look almost identical to the one of the 1991 national-championship team.