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"I am going to run your butt back to Oakland!"

UW OL coach Dan Cozzetto doesn't mince words and those were his cleaned up words ( I am going to run your butt back to Oakland) for this publication to offensive lineman Allan Carroll all spring. Allan took those words to heart and decided that football and school just weren't for him anymore and he is headed back to Oakland.

RB Terrance Dailey who was Washington's leading rusher last fall also decided to call it quits because he couldn't cut the academic's. Bottom-line for both players is that they were not doing well in school and that means an end to their football careers at Washington.

I wasn't too surprised by Caroll since the coaches were riding him all spring but Dailey had some potential. He had a nice wiggle and hit the hole well. He should have hit the books as hard as he hit the hole.

If you are Will Shamburger and Nathan Fellner this is good news because they can come in this fall rather than wait for winter quarter. Expect more attrition between now and the start of fall camp. The coaches want to make room for at least twenty recruits in 2010 so something has to give with only twelve scholarships open for next year.

UW is down to only 13 scholarship offensive linemen plus senior Nick Scott who won a scholarship last fall after walking on.

It never fails to amaze me how some kids screw up the opportunity of a lifetime.