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Day Twelve

Nice weather and a predicted postion change are in store for practice today.  In a move delayed due to injury, Alvin Logan will move to safety. The coaches want to see what he can do on defense before they decide to make the change permanent.

EJ Savannah, still out with a sore shoulder, will be back later in the week. Everette Thompson, however, is out for the remainder of the spring with a foot injury. D'Andre Goodwin is still out and the coaching staff may simply choose to ice him for the rest of the week.

The wide receivers had their best day of the spring yesterday, as they held on to the ball much better than previous practices. The receivers' play made practice much easier for the QB's. Locker seems to be settling down and getting more comfortable every day.

Bob Condotta from the Seattle Times

They just keep getting comfortable with what's going on. I don't know how much they had done before, but I think some of the stuff we're asking them to do is a little new for them and it just takes time building confidence. The better you know something, the faster you're going to do it and with more confidence that you're going to it with. I think Bruns and Polk, they've been showing that. They keep building their confidence and keep making plays."

Chris Fetters from Dawgman

From the defensive standpoint, the injuries are starting to pile up, and Nick Holt is feeling it. "You see the defense getting nicked up a little bit," he said. "The offense has continued to get better and they are getting their timing down. The quarterback is probably getting a little more comfortable in the system. The receivers are getting a lot more comfortable in the system, so that's why you see things clicking a little bit more in the passing game/

Quote of the Day

"We have four practices left. … We just wanted to get some stuff on film on him on that side of the ball. Instead of waiting until fall camp, (we figured), 'Let's get it on film now in the spring so we can get a fair evaluation of him,' because obviously there is a little more opportunity in that safety spot than there is in that wide receiver spot right now," UW coach Steve Sarkisian said.

Coach Sarks Top Five

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