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The Monday Morning Wash

With only four practices remaining, spring drills are winding down; Coach Sarkisian soon hands the team back to strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis. The team has a long way to go, but the new coaching staff likes what they have seen thus far.

What they see is a team willing to learn and do anything they can to stop losing foootball games. The kids have bought in and they are enjoying football once again. The only question remaining is whether there is enough talent in the right places to match the effort to turn it all around.

Give the entire team an "A" for effort this spring.

Bright Spots

The biggest bright spot is the coaching staff. These guys get after it and really work with their players. The increased tempo isn't a myth and the impressive thing is these guys have a plan that will work over time.

The linebacking corps is destined to be one of the best on the West Coast if they stay healthy. The top four players are having an excellent spring. Quality depth behind them though is pretty spotty.

The defensive line is maturing nicely. The Huskies have the talent out on the ends to make some things happen. Darion Jones has had an excellent spring. Kalani Aldrich and Everette Thompson have shown they can provide solid depth, and will take over when Jones and Daniel Te'o Nesheim graduate.

The safeties have played well this spring. Nate Williams has cemeted his starting position and with more help coming this fall in the form of Wells and Batts this could be a very solid unit with some solid depth behind them. Johri Fogerson continues to play very well.

Justin Glenn has moved up the depth chart to become a starter this spring opposite Quinton Richardson. Gaisie arrives in the fall which will provide more speed ant athleticicsm to the group. Persely has had a solid spring.

Demetrius Bronson is going to have anice career at Washington. His durability has allowed him to move to the top of the depth chart. Chris Polk has made a late move once getting back on the field showing that UW doesn't have anyone quite like him. Curtis Shaw shined early and will be in the rotation is he can stay healthy.

The receivers continue to improve even though they still are dropping too many balls. UW will have a very solid rotation in the fall. Kearse Aguilar and Goodwin remain the top three.

Not as bright

Durability at TB is a concern. Demetrius Bronson and Willie Griffin are the only two who have been out there every single day.

TE's Kavario Middleton and Chris Izbicki are still works in progress. Middleton is still swimming with the new offense and needs to step up his blocking. Izbicki needs to work on his receiving. There is improvement here but Dorson Boyce is going to get a lot of playing time when he hits campus.

The QB's have been up and down all spring. Jake Locker had his best outting this past Saturday but there is still a lot ow work to be done between now and fall. It is tough to watch a junior with as much talent as Locker struggle. If Willingham had bothered to hire an adequate tutor we would be talking Heisman rather than a kid struggling to learn a new system.

I think Jake Locker will be a changed player come fall. When his passing can start to match his running ability watch out. If he gets hurt there is a huge gap between him and Ronnie Fouch. Keith Price will get serious a chance to play next fall if Locker goes down.


The offensive line is improved but they still aren't a Pac 10 caliber unit. There are two type of Husky offensive linemen. The ones that are too small and the ones that are still too flabby.

That being said they are all out there working hard to get better and four more months under strength coach Ivan Lewis will raise their potential up another notch if they all stick around this summer.

This team will only go as far as the offensive line will take them. There are no quick fixes here only recruiting, development and time will change this around.

There has been improvement in the middle of the defensive line and there is also a lot more potential here then at offensive line. We just haven't seen anyone stand out yet in the middle.

Stadium Bill

The Senate Bill 6116 is finally moving and it is expected to pass the Senate according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. The House Bill 2252  is a different matter it would keep the taxes going but divert it away from use for sports facilities.