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Day Two

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The Huskies split up practice between the Husky Stadium and the Dempsey Indoor today because of the weather. The coaches don't want to lose any reps. The team is still in light-bulbs and won't be in full pads till next week.

Not a real news worthy day and don't expect one till next week when they strap the pads on and start filling out the depth chart.

One problem area is place kicking. Erik Folk is now healthy but he only went 1-5 today. It is still early but you expect a third year scholarship player to start making a move to earn the job.

Bob Condotta's report in the Seattle Times

"You only get 15 of these practices and we have to maximize our time,'' he said. "I'm not worried about being a physically or mentally tough football team. That will come. I know we'll get there. These are valuable reps we are getting, We needed to get in here with some good air. We thought it (the rain) would slow down but it kept coming.''

Chris Fetters Report from Dawgman

"I want to make it as game-like as possible," Sarkisian added when asked about the atmosphere surrounding that final play. "I want as much pressure as possible to put on our guys. I thought that was a pretty good setting for the last play, with the crowd and the team getting into it. It puts our kids in the position of what pressure is like and feeling comfortable in it. We want them to feel the energy and feel the intensity, and it starts with our coaches. If we bring it, our kids will bring it."

Sark's Daily Top Five

1. Players of the Day: On Offense Jermaine Kearse and on Defense Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

2. Play of the Day: Practice winning completion from Jake Locker to Jermaine Kearse

3. Coach of the Day: Jeff Mills ”Just trying to get the crowd involved”

4. Thought of the Day: If you don’t like something change it. Better yet, call an audible.

5. Team Competition Winner: Offense

Quote of the day

You really have to wonder what Ty Willingham and Trent Greener were doing the past four years. Those second half fades of the recent past are getting more understandable as the numbers start to come out from winter conditioning.

The 6-foot-6, 319-pound Ossai, for instance, noted that he went from 31 percent body fat to 19 during the 10-week conditioning program that preceded spring drills, which began this week.

BCS scholarship athletes shouldn't be in the 31% range when it comes to body fat. those numbers are more in line with 50 year old men who sit in front of the computer and type sports blogs.

Sarkisian has accomplished more conditioning wise in ten weeks than Willingham did in four years.