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I would like to announce a couple changes on the site. Purple Reign is going to be handling editing duties. You may have noticed that we needed a little help in that area so I don't come off looking like too much of a moron. Since he is a former English teacher, he is perfect for the job.

Cassino is also going to pick up part of the slack on basketball. He did a nice job with fan posts this past season and basketball isn't my sport. The days when I really knew what I was talking about in that area have faded.

The guys at SBN have urged me from the get-go to bring aboard additional writing staff. The one guy I really wanted was Nathan Ware. While Nathan may come back at some point, for now he remains on sabbatical. 

I know I do a good job, but extra perspective and voices are always a good thing.  My philosophy on this blog is WE rather that I.  I may run the site, but everyone who participates has ownership in what happens here. I believe this philosophy has made the UW Dawg Pound a popular place to hang out.

With the fan post feature anyone can post a subject. You may have noticed that I promote fan posts to the front page whenever they are not duplicative to what is on the front page.

Jack, for example, has been keeping an eye on what has transpired in Olympia; he lives nearby and he has experience dealing with those political scalawags. Photo_120107_004_medium

Jack  is also our official Husky fashion coordinator. Notice the very snazzy purple overalls his wife made for him while tailgating with my wife Kate over in Hawaii!

I urge everyone to contribute when they feel the urge.

The photo above is what it is all about...making new friends!


This is a photo of our new Editor Adam with his daughter Tia doing what they love to do! Adam is a long time reader of the blog and as I mentioned above is trained as an English teacher. He is going to add a lot to what we do behind the scenes and it was very kind of him to volunteer!