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Five Critical Questions

  1. Is there a single Husky offensive lineman who could start for any other school in the conference? If you listened to the Brock Huard show on Monday the answer was no at this point according to Ray Roberts.
  2. We have a good looking stable of running back but exactly how many of them are healthy right now? I think Demetrius Bronson and Willie Griffin are the only two who have participated in every single practice. Will this position develop the durability to play 12 games in 2009?
  3. Is Kavario Middleton going to be developed enough to be taken seriously as a blocker in 2009?
  4. Are they going to make some more position moves before the end of Spring? I am kind of surprised that they haven't moved one or two of the receivers over to defense. I am suprised that Quinton Richardson is still at corner. I thought for sure he was headed to safety.
  5. Will the progress of the defensive tackles allow Daniel Teo Nesheim to play most his time on the outside in 2009? They are going to move him around no matter what and they are pleased with what Jones and Thompson have been doing on the ends.

What do you guys think?