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Day Eight - Competition Monday

It was "Competition Monday" and "Tell the Truth Monday. The coaches spent time with the players going over Saturday's scrimmage and coined it as a mid term test. The Huskies worked on pressure situations today such as overtime and starting the offense buried deep in their own territory.

The weather wasn't great and the players would have preferred the comforts of the Dempsey but Sark was having none of that.

To start things off Allen Carroll, Bradly Roussel and Terrance Dailey weren't at practice today. All missed practice because of academic problems. D'Andre Goodwin has been shut down till Friday because of his hamstring. He pulled it again today. Luther Leonard got his feet wet at WR and also practiced returning punts.

Justin Glenn had a good practice running with the one's and Kavario Middleton had his best practice of the spring which is good to see. David Freeman had a 55 yard reception from Fouch where he did most of the work catching the short  dump off and taking it long.

Teo Nesheim and Duncan both dropped RB's for losses today. Curtis Shaw is back and had a nice 30 yard run. Demetrius Bronson had another good day and broke one from the 8 that would have gone the distance if the coaches hadn't blown the play dead.

The QB's had a so-so day throwing the ball coupled by the receivers doing a so-so job catching the ball. The accuracy still isn't where it needs to be but they are making progress. The weather didn't help matters but that is football outdoors in Seattle. A lot of the problems simply are related to thinking not reacting as they get comfortable with a new offense.

Skyler Fancher was carried off with what looks to be a knee injury. He was taken for X-Rays and we find out about his status in the morning. Sark says it doesn't look good so we will see what happens.

Erik Folk was 3-4 in the FG department making a 20, 24 and 32 yarder. He missed early from 27.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times

"I wanted to wake them up,'' he said. "I think they had the big scrimmage Saturday, I think it's natural to come out on a Monday, they are back in full pads, it was raining when we first came out, they were maybe feeling a little sorry for themselves. We need to be not only a physically tough football team but a mentally tough football team and these elements of today's practice are something that we don't need to just be comfortable in them but we need to use them to our advantage. And we will, and I think they understood that and they really responded well. I thought our team period was one of the best ones we've had so far this spring. Our guys were inspired. They were into it. They were competing. We went over 40 plays there and went really hard.''

Chris Fetters from Dawgman

"I think he's starting to surprise himself a little bit," Sarkisian said of Bronson. "He keeps playing hard. He's learning a lot of the game, but he knows how to run the football, that's for sure. I'm very impressed with his mental toughness

Quote of the Day

"I think (the receivers) are a little young. The quarterbacks … are young to the system. I don't know if it's always the inconsistency in the route-running, but the timing of the quarterback as well," Sarkisian said. "We're trying to get the two things to mesh."

Coach Sarks Top Five

1. Players of the Day: On Offense Kavario Middleton and on Defense Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. 

2. Play of the Day: Demitrius Bronson, 92 yard TD run.
3. Coach of the Day: GA Mike Anderson "Hard work and persistence will eventually reap its benefit’"

4. Thought of the Day: Only worry about what you can control, everything else is just a distraction.
5. Team Competition Winner: Offense