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A few early things to pay attention to...

It is way too early to predict impact players for 2009 but this is an early sampling of what we have observed so far from a plus perspective. Keep in mind that over the next eight practices things will change.

Once the coaches have a chance to review and analyze the film expect some shuffling going into fall camp. I like the fact the coaches are just letting the kids play where they are to show their potential mettle.

Good News

  1. Demetrius Bronson is carving out a place for himself in the lineup. He has great size and has proven himself on a day to day basis to be able to run between the tackles and pull off a big play or two. He has two things that no other Washington back has and that is size and durability. Check out the injury list in the Washington stable and he is the only healthy back standing every day.
  2. EJ  Savannah is on a mission to redeem himself from last seasons personal problems. The coaches love his attitude and ability to play through minor dings. Every single day he ranks as one of the players that impress the coaches the most with his ability to make plays.
  3. Daniel Teo Nesheim is only getting better with every rep. The coaches experimented with moving him inside but he won't play there in 2009. The tackles are starting to develop so that may give him freedom on the outside.
  4. Jake Locker is starting to get better every practice. Jake is the Sun all the Husky planets will revolve around in 2009 and his success is critical. Jake has come on the last couple of days as he has become more comfortable with what the coaches want him to do. As Doug Nussmeier told Jerry Brewer on Saturday his progress will be exponential by the time September rolls around.
  5. Johri Fogerson has cemented himself as a starter this Spring. The O'Dea grad keeps getting better every single practice. He still needs more time to develop physically so the conditioning program and his own work ethic will be big factors between now and September. There are guys that play football and there are football players. Johri is a football player.
  6. Chris Izbicki is having a great spring. It is obvious the reason that he didn't play last year is because Ty benched him. We all wondered if he was a bust but he is going to be a very productive player. He still has a lot of work to do but he has been getting it done every day up to this point.
  7. Anthony Boyles is going to be a big time receiver before he leaves UW. He reminds me quite a bit of Spider Gaines because he is challenge to coach since his mind wanders. Bravado on the other hand is not a question mark. He won't be a starter but he is going to see a lot of action. Like Spider he is going to make some big plays. Unlike Spider he isn't a world class sprinter.
  8. Mykena Ikehara is making his move. You could say the move started the day he hit campus and kicked Cameron Elisara's butt all over the field on the first practice last year. The coaches have experimented with Tolar at center early but I think he will end up at guard when we face LSU. Ikehara still has work to do to earn a starting center spot but he has more potential than any other OL on the team.
  9. Drew Schaefer has been in the starting lineup for every single practice this spring and that means the coaches love this kid so far. Asking a RS tackle to start and have success is a big request but Drew was the most technically sound frosh on the OL last season.
  10. Erik Folk is starting to round into shape and I think we will see his accuracy increase exponentially between now and fall. Being healthy and gaining experience is a big part of the equation. I think we all forgot how much practice time he missed.